Welcome to DataTreeMap

DataTreeMap is about Data Ideas.

DataTreeMap follows the flow of data from collection to analysis and visualization. It also brings free practical examples on how to use programming languages such as Java, R, SQL and Javascript to collect, analyse and visualize data

It is often difficult to find all the processes of data science in one place/ site. There are some books attempting this but however they lack of simple, practical examples. Also the technologies those examples use are not of easy and immediate implementation or have a steep learning curve.

DataTeeeMap is designed to overcome these difficulties. Thought it requires the reader to have some experience of programming it also provides simple examples that even beginners can undestand and implement. The examples can also downloaded from Github and/or imported in the workspace of IDE.

Navigate the top menu and find many small projects and tutorials on how to deal with

  • Data collection of different types of data from real world situations

  • Data analysis of the data collected in the first step by using different programming tools such as those mentioned first.

  • Data visualization and storytelling

  • Programming tools tutorials for getting started with each of the processes already mentioned.

  • In the blog section you can find many interesting articles on different data science topics

The right menu instead is a collection of hobbies about web development, programming books and online resources, guides etc.. There are plenty of resources on datatreemap and if you find it interesting it means we are doing a good job.

DataTreeMap is an ongoing project and it is not yet complete. There is some content missing which will be added in th eincomming months... but there will continue to appear new articles and guides on data processing and visualizzation at least once per week so stay tuned..

Happy Learning :-)